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RT @planetjedward: If a #Sharknado3 happened everyone would be Like “Oh Hell No” there needs to be an emergency number
1800-Oh-Hell-No htt…

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RT @planetjedward: Miley Cyrus knows how to use a wreaking ball and is handy with a hammer so she is ready for a #Sharknado3…

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RT @planetjedward: The Awkward Moment when #Sharknado3 wins an Oscar and they have to bring an aquarium on stage so the Sharks can accept t…

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RT @planetjedward: When sharks attack you be like…BUT First let me take a Selfie!! #Sharknado3

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RT @planetjedward: Turn on @SyfyUk Now and watch #Sharknado3

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RT @planetjedward: What happened to all the mermaids in Sharknado? Imagine @KatyPerry and Ariel swimming in sea shells #Sharknado3 http://t…

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RT RT RT everything @PlanetJedward everyone use the #Sharknado3

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RT @whatsontvuk: Who’s looking forward to #Sharknado3 on @SyfyUK tonight? It should be FINtastic! Stay tuned for our #Jedward video later t…

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RT @SyfyUK: Oh Hell No! Get ready to SCREAM Along to #Sharknado3 with @planetjedward and friends, tonight at 10pm!…

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RT @IndoEnts: #Sharknado3 Oh Hell No! – the best quotes, including Jedward’s cameo

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RT @Daily_Star: We’re looking forward to chatting all things #Sharknado3 with @planetjedward today! Any questions for the jepic duo?

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RT @SyfyUK: Are you ready for this? Oh Hell No! Check out @planetjedward‘s new single for #Sharknado3

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RT @4Music: Stop everything and watch @plantejedward‘s new #OhHellNo vid for #Sharknado3!

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RT @YahooMusic: Check out the video premiere of @planetjedward‘s #Sharknado3-inspired new song “Oh Hell No”:…

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