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Insta live just been chilling and had a hot shower

11:39pm Jan 28 2021 —

Seems to be the night everyone wants to watch a super theatrical movie lots of sound effects so I asked my Boi Jg to a live instead

11:25pm Jan 22 2021 —

RT @JepicHQ: 💖Jedward Valentine’s Day Cards!
Hand written with Jepic Love and Good Vibes 💖…

6:55pm Jan 16 2021 —

So I’ve had a chat with my human when he came out of the shower and I wanna see him live on my new doggy phone so I…

11:26pm Jan 15 2021 —

RT @JepicHQ: Jedward Valentine’s Day Singagram

8:47pm Jan 14 2021 —

RT @goss_ie: .@planetjedward ‘glad’ people see them in a ‘different light’ – after receiving praise on social media

2:32pm Jan 7 2021 —

RT @planetjedward: The new MTV show Covid Shore! This show contains strong language and idiotic behaviour from the outset and throughout


7:42pm Jan 3 2021 —

RT @planetjedward: Imelda May’s wonderful Mother Madge who is living with Dementia still has a place in her heart for Jedward ❤️ It means t…

11:35pm Jan 2 2021 —

Everyone send love to Imelda and her mom she’s going through a lot at the moment

11:32pm Jan 2 2021 —

RT @planetjedward: BrEXit will be watching Europe’s insta stories like a crazy stalking ex
That acts like it’s moved on but lingers in the…

9:13pm Jan 1 2021 —

5:47pm Jan 1 2021 —

RT @planetjedward: Remember those kids that no one invited to parties in school or gave them a chance cuz they where shy! Well those kids g…

5:47pm Jan 1 2021 —

RT @planetjedward: Buying materialistic things only gives you a short high but gives you long term regret and financial issues! Think befor…

5:47pm Jan 1 2021 —