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@planetjedward Pour me a Rainbow ?

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@planetjedward In person this looks so special it’s a ray of colour and reminds me of a rainbow having a fun time

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@planetjedward Cant believe you guys only learned this last night

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RT @planetjedward: The Ed Sheeran song Afterglow and The Original Artwork mean everything to us! Thank you for making our Christmas and the…

6:34pm Dec 24 2020 —

RT @planetjedward: Best Gift Ever! An Ed Sheeran original AfterGlow painting. The colour and energy it’s going to inspire us everyday, it r…

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RT @planetjedward: Fuck New Year diets and dangerous weight loss! Your Happiness and Health is Your 2021 resolution!

This time of year can…

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@planetjedward I taught him everything he knows

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RT @planetjedward: Influencer photo shoots be like..

10:56pm Dec 17 2020 —

RT @planetjedward: When your family asks if you bought their Christmas gifts yet…but YOU are the gift ?

6:54pm Dec 17 2020 —

RT @planetjedward: To anybody we offended this year:

You deserved it! Be a better version of yourself for 2021! Loads of love Jedward


5:38pm Dec 14 2020 —

RT @JepicHQ: Loved doing this @justinbieber and @ShawnMendes monster Live acoustic Guitar cover ?✌?#JustinBieber #ShawnMendes


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RT @planetjedward: Employers need to employ on the basis of people’s capabilities to work and do the job! Doing background checks and being…

12:51pm Dec 6 2020 —

RT @planetjedward: The whole country needs to Stop Traveller Oppression! They deserve equal rights and opportunities! They are the life and…

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RT @_niamhdev_: In this month’s @VIPmagaz: my interview with Jedward! John & Edward opened up to me about grieving, turning 30 next year, m…

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JG in Da House rocking my new fav denim shirt ? #Jedward

10:51pm Dec 3 2020 —

RT @planetjedward: Don’t let me fall x

9:52pm Dec 3 2020 —

RT @planetjedward: In the past we’ve been made suicidal over ex management and whatsapp trafficking of certain sexual content being shared…

8:46pm Dec 3 2020 —

RT @planetjedward: Student Nurses and Midwives are the future! They deserve payment from the government! @HSELive
Health care is everythin…

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RT @planetjedward: All the lads whatsapp groups that think they can share private images of girls you are absolute scum! Have some respect!…

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RT @planetjedward: Don’t support puppy farms! Adopt a dog! Contact: @DogsTrust_IE
Sign petition-…

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RT @planetjedward: We’re in the new @VIPmagaz wearing our masks! we lost out on the front cover to Daniel O’Donnell and Majella! but we’re…

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These Christmas cards are so special loving the vibe

12:58am Dec 2 2020 —