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RT @planetjedward: I’m too sexy for corona too sexy for corona so sexy I wear a mask!

6:32pm Sep 29 2020 —

@RTELateLateShow @planetjedward Love how this sounds ???

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RT @RTELateLateShow: On Friday night @planetjedward joined us in studio and performed ‘Everybody Hurts’ on the #LateLate.…

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@RTEOne @planetjedward I did hear them practising this while I was trying to get some sleep it all came together ev…

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RT @MetroUK: This year belongs to these kings ? @planetjedward

12:50pm Sep 26 2020 —

@RTEOne @planetjedward I got to watch it with JG chilling in his Hoodie love you X

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RT @RTEOne: .@planetjedward perform ‘Everybody Hurts’ dedicated to their mum, Susanna

Full performance here ->


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RT @goss_ie: Jedward: ‘People didn’t have the BALLS’ to talk about coronavirus pandemic…

11:19pm Sep 25 2020 —

RT @planetjedward: This was tweeted the moment our Mom was passing she pressed send and smiled knowing this would be her last tweet! Love y…

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RT @planetjedward: If you’re feeling alone and depressed just know that we feel the same way! ❤️Life is not always smiles and good vibes! h…

5:01pm Sep 24 2020 —

@RTELateLateShow @planetjedward Been Sending me good vibes since 2012

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RT @RTELateLateShow: Our most recent @planetjedward dm contains some exciting news ???


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RT @RTELateLateShow: Did you know that @planetjedward have been sending lovely dms for years? Check out this lovely message from 2014 ??? h…

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@planetjedward @RTELateLateShow Imma be watching on your lap someway

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RT @planetjedward: We are on the @RTELateLateShow this week! ??

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Hurts the most when it’s people you actually know! Only love here for you all ??

6:14pm Sep 22 2020 —

The indirects these days ??‍♂️

6:08pm Sep 22 2020 —

It would be Nice to drop some positive comments here! So much crazy haters really intense ?…

6:01pm Sep 22 2020 —

RT @thejournal_ie: Quiz: How much do you know about Jedward? Go on, test yourself

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RT @planetjedward: ‘Voice Of A Rebel’ The New Album By Jedward
Stream & Download Now
#JedwardVoiceOfARebel https:/…

4:16pm Sep 20 2020 —

Simply having a wonderful Christmas time #Jedward

7:54pm Sep 18 2020 —

RT @planetjedward: We’re releasing a new album called OWNED by Jedward! Hit Singles:
Wear a Mask ft Noel Gallagher
Why don’t you Runaway…

10:29am Sep 18 2020 —

RT @MetroUK: Noel Gallagher vs @planetjedward – the music rivalry you didn’t know you needed.

10:31pm Sep 15 2020 —

RT @MetroUK: 2020 is officially the year of @planetjedward

4:03pm Sep 15 2020 —

RT @planetjedward: Honestly don’t get why some people call us Jedwood? Are u trying to be degrading or You really want to see our wood? Eit…

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