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RT @Brian_O_Reilly: Beautiful interview with @planetjedward about their mam on @RadioRayRTE. They’re still going, despite the detractors.

3:50pm Jul 31 2020 —

RT @RadioRayRTE: They are IN the building 🤩🤩 @RTERadio1 @planetjedward will be live in studio chatting to Ray after 4pm today!! https://t.c…

3:04pm Jul 31 2020 —

RT @RadioRayRTE: Happy Friday 🤩 a packed show today! @russellcrowe talks about his new #UnhingedMovie 🎞, Dr Leo Oosterweghal retires from…

1:56pm Jul 31 2020 —

RT @RTERadio1: Ray certainly has that Friday feeling as @planetjedward & @russellcrowe will be on the show today from 3pm on @RadioRayRTE

1:52pm Jul 31 2020 —

Share share share 🙌🏼❤️ seeing all your tweets

7:56pm Jul 27 2020 —

RT @planetjedward: New Sound New Music Video This is Extraordinary by Jedward

7:51pm Jul 27 2020 —

If u saw jedward this morning #lorraine tweet them

8:56am Jul 27 2020 —

RT @planetjedward: There’s more to us than flesh and bone so look in our eyes to find our soul! All the magic in us it can’t be tamed and n…

10:12pm Jul 25 2020 —

Thanks for the support legends ❤️

1:15pm Jul 25 2020 —

RT @planetjedward: @RachelRileyRR 😆 Rachel good luck with the countdown we do love the show

1:13pm Jul 25 2020 —

RT @planetjedward: @RachelRileyRR You are a patron for a Center for Countering Digital Hate? And yet here you are spreading Hate!! As anti…

12:26pm Jul 25 2020 —

Jedward on @lorraine Monday July 27th 🙌🏼

11:00am Jul 24 2020 —

Taste The Heat – Single by Jedward…

9:53am Jul 24 2020 —

RT @planetjedward: New Music Video

9:01pm Jul 23 2020 —

… some Jepic Fanmail

11:28pm Jul 20 2020 —

RT @planetjedward: Hippie Eddie baby has just moved into his retro gaff! Spare room for rent who’s coming for the sesh…

11:23pm Jul 20 2020 —

RT @planetjedward: Who’s been to a Jedward Concert?

11:23pm Jul 20 2020 —

I don’t know where I’m looking or why my hand is on my head but here u go the only photo I took today of myself…

11:11pm Jul 20 2020 —

Serious my WiFi is not working right now and every video is uploading like it was recorded on a rock

11:05pm Jul 20 2020 —

11:03pm Jul 20 2020 —

What’s the most randomness thing on your camera roll? I Just found this video of people walking with water bottles…

10:55pm Jul 20 2020 —

RT @planetjedward: Summer 2020 Taste The Heat 🔥
New Music Video by Jedward

10:45pm Jul 17 2020 —

Hey have no clue what’s going on it should be live worldwide anyway night night we will get it sorted 😍🥰 can’t wait for u all to see it

11:25pm Jul 16 2020 —

RT @planetjedward: Summer 2020 Taste The Heat 🔥
New Music Video by Jedward

10:15pm Jul 16 2020 —

RT @planetjedward: 🎶 Somewhere Over The Rainbow 🌈 , Way Up High 🎶 There’s a Land that I Heard of Once in a Lullaby”🎶 Rainbows Fascinate me…

3:35pm Jul 5 2020 —

RT @planetjedward: Who’s thinking of tea? You want some tea? It’s time for a cup of Tea ☕️ Give me a teabag and some sugar and steamy hot…

4:54pm Jul 4 2020 —

RT @planetjedward: You got me all charged up with pure emotion a passion running deeper than the ocean and I can’t get enough of your lovin…

4:54pm Jul 4 2020 —

RT @planetjedward: Cause I see you strut your stuff
when you walk in the room and I’m right here enjoying the view 😏 Yeah I can taste the h…

4:54pm Jul 4 2020 —

RT @planetjedward: Are you lost, baby girl?

4:54pm Jul 4 2020 —

Live now on JEPICPICS instagram

9:16pm Jul 1 2020 —