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@JedheaderBVB Everyone can do it

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@_CherMcCrave Yeah think that would be very cool ? honestly don’t know what they are looking for but we all trying our best

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Everyone make a jepic video and send to this for BBC eurovision…

5:02pm Apr 29 2020 —

RT @planetjedward: You are not alone with your feelings because we all share the same feelings ❤️ Just remember a feeling always passes ont…

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RT @planetjedward: Don’t Wreck Your Brain It’ll Be Alright We’re in a Weird! Time of Life ♥ @YungBlud

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RT @planetjedward: Feeling the emotions

7:01am Apr 24 2020 —

Congrats everyone that voted Respect Your Dreams Music video is in the works!! The meaning is powerful and we love…

6:49am Apr 24 2020 —

RT @WorldOfBlaze: What next video do you want to make together! Let us know and we will make it happen ??

6:49pm Apr 23 2020 —

Taste the heat! What kind of music video do you want?

10:08pm Apr 22 2020 —

Looks like it’s between Bodies in Action and Respect Your Dreams! Get your votes in ❤️

10:02pm Apr 22 2020 —

Can’t wait for you to hear the new songs!! It’s gonna be awesome ??

9:27pm Apr 22 2020 —

All CD sales have contributed to making our next album which we have recorded and are currently getting it mixed an…

9:22pm Apr 22 2020 —

RT @planetjedward: Extraordinary music video coming soon ❤️

9:18pm Apr 22 2020 —

RT @planetjedward: My feelings run deep with you ❤️

9:18pm Apr 22 2020 —

No pressure just wanted to make everyone feel part of it and help make it happen! We have already make 3 music vide…

9:11pm Apr 22 2020 —

We know our album has 22 songs and making a music video brings the songs to life and we make them just for you! We…

9:03pm Apr 22 2020 —

Extraordinary music video will be coming May followed by Teenage Runaway music video ?? because it was awesome rock…

8:57pm Apr 22 2020 —

What next video do you want to make together! Let us know and we will make it happen ??

8:53pm Apr 22 2020 —