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RT @universalmusg: .@planetjedward is back with brand new tunes! Check out their latest album #VoiceOfARebel out now on Spotify 🙌🏽 https://…

1:54pm Jun 27 2019 —

Just know if you are listening to new album it’s on Spotify 🙌🏼
iTunes download is for when u are flying in the air on tour 👍🏼

12:30am Jun 27 2019 —

1.25 😏

12:25am Jun 27 2019 —

Heart ❤️ each song on Spotify
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11:39pm Jun 26 2019 —

RT @planetjedward: You are my True Calling ❤️

4:33pm Jun 24 2019 —

RT @planetjedward: Tonight Let’s Spice Things Up
In this Club it’s gonna feel so good give you what you deserve cuz baby you’re so sweet l…

11:45am Jun 24 2019 —

RT @planetjedward: Respect Your Dreams
Go live your life
Don’t write yourself off
Put up a fight
Protect your heart
from those who hat…

11:45am Jun 24 2019 —

RT @planetjedward: Choose your own adventure
Bring your vision to life
Power to the Dreamers
We own the night
Choose your own adventure…

11:45am Jun 24 2019 —

RT @planetjedward: Bodies In Action
Stream & Download June 13th
from the New Jedward album Voice of a Rebel out June 27th


11:59am Jun 22 2019 —

RT @JepicHQ: 300RTs on each album song preview tweet on @planetjedward to get more songs 🙌🏼

5:40pm Jun 20 2019 —

RT @JepicHQ: Instagram Live now on JepicPics
Our Instagram 🙌🏼 23:30

10:36pm Jun 15 2019 —

Thank you for downloading new music but still listen to it on Spotify on repeat 🙌🏼

11:54am Jun 13 2019 —

RT @planetjedward: Let’s put our bodies in action
Give me all your passion tonight
Cuz you’re the satisfaction
That I need to get me hig…

11:33am Jun 13 2019 —

RT @planetjedward: We wrote every song on this album 22 tracks

Voice Of A Rebel…

10:54pm Jun 11 2019 —

RT @RSVPMagazine: Fans are finally getting new music @planetjedward…

2:18pm Jun 9 2019 —

RT @EVOKE: Jedward are coming out with a new album very SOON… via @Evoke

11:51am Jun 6 2019 —

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9:11am Jun 6 2019 —

RT @planetjedward: Jedward Voice of a Rebel the new album out June 27th stream and download Worldwide
Here is The Official Tracklist https:…

7:11pm Jun 5 2019 —

Follow This is Jedward playlist on Spotify now 🙌🏼…

11:39am Jun 3 2019 —