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Time to Shave!! Silky smooth 😝

8:39am Jun 29 2017 —

thoseZ girls have nothing on me I know I am number 1 forever

9:38pm Jun 28 2017 —

9:37pm Jun 28 2017 —

RT @planetjedward: Kissing Girls Blindfolded is Hot! 🔥#MTVSingleAF

9:37pm Jun 28 2017 —

RT @planetjedward: Great meeting @EndaKennyTD and getting a legendary selfie!

9:37pm Jun 28 2017 —

RT @planetjedward: Hey Everyone what’s your theory on how to find L❤VE! Make a Video NOW! #MTVsingleAF @MTVSingleAF

8:03am Jun 28 2017 —

Repost all the videos you previously made on Instagram and twitter with the hashtag MTV single AF they will all be used on MTV

8:03am Jun 28 2017 —

Facebook live today so get excited!!

11:31pm Jun 27 2017 —

RT @planetjedward: #MTVsingleAF is coming to Stockholm Sweden ❤ Can’t wait to have the time of our lives! Loads of love John and Edward htt…

1:26pm Jun 27 2017 —

Landing in Stockholm (ARN) at 5:20pm! We’ll see you all soon!

10:58am Jun 27 2017 —

Who’s in Stockholm

9:10am Jun 27 2017 —

Tell everyone you know were coming! Let’s do this!!

7:54pm Jun 26 2017 —

Get ready we’re coming to Stockholm tomorrow morning!! We’ll tweet more when we know! Puss Puss

7:49pm Jun 26 2017 —

@planetjedward @MTVSingleAF You are gonna be JEPIC AF

in reply to planetjedward — 6:22pm Jun 25 2017 —

RT @planetjedward: Watch us tonight on Facebook LIVE at 7:30pm (UK) starting our new show @MTVsingleAF! Tweet along #MTVsingleAF! https://…

6:21pm Jun 25 2017 —

@planetjedward @F1abraham @MTVSingleAF My fave thing about teen mom Is my mom who gave me to the best humans in the world

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RT @planetjedward: Great meeting @F1abraham we are all gonna rock and find love on @MTVSingleAF #MTVSingleAF

1:40pm Jun 25 2017 —

Screenshot all those Snaps

9:26am Jun 25 2017 —

Can’t wait for my humans to go on an adventure and be able to be free to make as much creative content as they can

10:29pm Jun 23 2017 —

We will be all over our twitter!! It’s always us! So get involved like it’s not CBB lol we have our phone in Our heart

6:33pm Jun 23 2017 —

RT @mtvasia: Know anyone perfect for @planetjedward? 🙌 Head over to their profile to help them find a date! 😍 Follow @MTVSingleAF for their…

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11:11am Jun 23 2017 —

RT @MTV_Sweden: 😍 @planetjedward har en hälsning till alla svenska fans 💕 Följ @MTVSingleAF och hjälp killarna hitta kärleken!…

6:43pm Jun 22 2017 —

3:33pm Jun 21 2017 —

Wakey wakey all the people that think there the “Original Fans” it’s like they all signed an oath of silence

11:26am Jun 21 2017 —

Everyone tweeting right now it’s not you it’s people you don’t even know that literally move around like Casper the Ghost on twitter

in reply to WorldOfBlaze — 10:52am Jun 21 2017 —

And some of these people haven’t tweeted publicly in years but what do you know we have a Harry Potter book to read from them all the time

10:47am Jun 21 2017 —

And believe me you don’t even know half the people that write stuff so all the people that think it’s them lol you don’t even know

10:45am Jun 21 2017 —

And yes they have loads of new music but it seems loads of people are like ahhh do I have to open my heart and tweet something about it

10:42am Jun 21 2017 —

Like people are writing my humans the order of the phonix in length type stuff/essays in dms and saying nothing in real life /twitter

10:40am Jun 21 2017 —