Tweet Archive for April 2016

Watch Day Day up…

4:29pm Apr 29 2016 —

You can watch Day Day Up live here at 3pm Irish/Uk time…

1:07pm Apr 29 2016 —

So Yeah this Dog Is On My Hit List After sharing a moment with my fav human

12:04pm Apr 22 2016 —

Hey @MTV Get Over Here and Film My Super Sweet 16th birthday

12:04pm Apr 22 2016 —

It’s 1 o clock time to have some shut eye and a gourmet Sandwich

12:01pm Apr 22 2016 —

Hey @MacMiller Can I Attend the Show in Dublin and be the cutest motha fucker in the building

11:59am Apr 22 2016 —

Really excited about opening Fiji Chinese Restaurant It’s Gonna Be Dope

11:58am Apr 22 2016 —

I am now taking orders 🙂 what pizza would you like?

11:57am Apr 22 2016 —

Break Glass in Emergency ??

11:57am Apr 22 2016 —

Hey Yo @JustinBieber Can You Give Me Your Digits So I Can Look after/Baby Sit your Monkey

11:55am Apr 22 2016 —

Oh Fiji well,
You came and you gave without taking,
But I sent you away.
Oh,Fiji …I Love U Bro #IdoNotNeedNoManInMyLife

11:52am Apr 22 2016 —

I wanna be your dog

11:50am Apr 22 2016 —

I just told you who I thought I was a dog …I just told you woulda been better if I said I was a cat? Or a Fish

11:48am Apr 22 2016 —

? this mother fuckin squirrel had the nerve the audacity to touch my mother fucking nuts …don’t! touch! my mother fucking nuts

11:45am Apr 22 2016 —

? nemo with yellow make up on

11:43am Apr 22 2016 —

?drinking the water like a camel today

11:43am Apr 22 2016 —

? bawk bawk bawk bawk I just had an egg

11:42am Apr 22 2016 —

? My Chemical Romance

11:38am Apr 22 2016 —

? I’m just tryna perfect my Kylie lips

11:38am Apr 22 2016 —

While other dogs be Woof woof bark bark I be having conversations talking like I’m in dr Doolittle

11:35am Apr 22 2016 —

RT @planetjedward: Prince made people souls blossom and showed people something fresh
And that’s what it’s all…

6:19am Apr 22 2016 —

Mission on! ??

12:06am Apr 22 2016 —

Jingle bell rock!! Silent night with all our iPhones! Let it go!

12:05am Apr 22 2016 —

Christmas single

12:03am Apr 22 2016 —

What should we call it?? Jedmas! Christmas with Jedward! Jedward Carol Service! We will change it up

12:01am Apr 22 2016 —

Fairy lights! Candy canes! Jedmas hats! Dancing santa! Christmas tree! Games! Stories! PJs full on Party

11:57pm Apr 21 2016 —

Like Christmas songs and Jedward songs

11:57pm Apr 21 2016 —


6:44pm Apr 21 2016 —

You are the best!

6:14pm Apr 21 2016 —

No stressing if you wanna go for it Go for it!! And if you are chilling get some jedward music playing

12:38pm Apr 20 2016 —