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Woof Woof can someone in 4 Music take me for a Walk #TrendingLive I am a dog on twitter rocking it! Paws Up!

5:05pm Jan 26 2016 —

When u stay up to 1:25 just to tweet something Jepic for the ? Look at me I’m tweeting lol

1:32am Jan 20 2016 —

Are Jedward set to star in High School Musical 4? Blonde twins send fans into frenzy

8:33am Jan 18 2016 —

RT @IndoEnts: .@PlanetJedward invited to train at Conor McGregor’s gym in order to defend against bullies https://t…

5:22pm Jan 16 2016 —

RT @IrishSunOnline: McGregor coach: @planetjedward welcome to gym anytime to train to stop evil bullies https://t.c…

11:17pm Jan 15 2016 —

What if its over 18’s

5:37pm Jan 15 2016 —

Like if i booked 2 dates in Dublin in a smaller venue would you go to both shows or just book 1 show? it would be for like 500 people

5:35pm Jan 15 2016 —

it would be awesome if u could all get an extra ticket for your friend or non jedward fan so we can have a full on jepic experience

2:56pm Jan 15 2016 —

Lets be realistic what places in the Uk are gonna sell out?
like we could fly Dublin to Glasgow – London – Dublin -Manchester

2:00pm Jan 15 2016 —

@ericaduffyx when is easter??

in reply to ericaduffyx — 1:58pm Jan 15 2016 —

Is there holiday breaks in Easter??

1:57pm Jan 15 2016 —

Hey dudes would April be a good month for touring?? like would u like to fly everywhere!!

1:56pm Jan 15 2016 —

RT @planetjedward: David Bowie gave people a different perspective on life and remember change only comes when u take chances and he did th…

11:06am Jan 15 2016 —

RT @planetjedward: We love You! J to the E to the D to the WARD!! PlanetJedward!!

11:06am Jan 15 2016 —

RT @planetjedward: We are vampires and never go into the Sun Light but we hope its the most brightest Summer ever!…

11:05am Jan 15 2016 —

RT @planetjedward: Germany Bremen You Rock Our World and you are Jepic! See you soon Jedmany

11:05am Jan 15 2016 —

RT @planetjedward: @justinbieber 9 years congrats Justin. #9YearsOfKidrauhl all the best from John and Edward

11:05am Jan 15 2016 —

RT @planetjedward: Look at You @justinbieber its #9YearsOfKidrauhl Proud and Happy for You! The Hair is always looking Cool!…

11:05am Jan 15 2016 —

RT @IrishMirror: Jedward want Conor McGregor’s help after ‘attack’ on plane @planetjedward @TheNotoriousMMA…

10:56am Jan 15 2016 —

RT @VIPmagaz: WHAT? A gang of thugs harassed @planetjedward on a plane ? This is outrageous! #Jedward…

10:43am Jan 15 2016 —

RT @IrishSunOnline: .@planetjedward attacked by thugs on Ryanair flight

10:42am Jan 15 2016 —

Those Beeps are going down! Click click!

Jedward attacked by thugs on Ryanair flight…

7:17am Jan 15 2016 —

World Peace ?? (waves like a king)

2:44pm Jan 13 2016 —

We had more female attention on that one flight than their whole life all they have is their hand ✊?

2:41pm Jan 13 2016 —

I Would Kick yo ass ? with this boot but it’s worth more than your whole family

2:39pm Jan 13 2016 —

Bitch slap! ✋?

2:36pm Jan 13 2016 —

Gonna get those mother fuckers arrested like even the air hostess was like she’s gonna call the police on them

2:35pm Jan 13 2016 —

Pulling johns hair!! Like do they know that’s assault and damaging to John’s awesome hair and work of art

2:32pm Jan 13 2016 —

The one time we had no security or anyone with us!! Wish Conor mcgregor was there to teach them a listen or two

2:30pm Jan 13 2016 —

Some people are gonna end up in Jail someday and be watching us getting our oscars and Grammys from their jail cell tv

2:29pm Jan 13 2016 —