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Beards? Will they ever be cool on humans! I have to say my beard and hair is awesome

10:40pm May 31 2015 —

Im coming🏠Im coming🏠
💋the🌍Im coming🏠
Let the☔️💦away all the pain of yesterday
I know my👑awaits and theyve forgiven my mistakes
Im coming🏠

6:18pm May 31 2015 —

I’m Tryna play my game boy but I don’t got no pokémon games 😱

2:50pm May 31 2015 —

My #TeenChoice nominee for #ChoiceMusicNextBigThing is Jedward tweet this now like a million times

1:55pm May 31 2015 —

RT @Kerry_Taylor: Is it okay to be REALLY excited that the actual real life @planetjedward are following me? #lovejedward

11:45am May 30 2015 —

Keep CALM and CATCH Em All

5:26pm May 29 2015 —

RT @planetjedward: Watch our awesome @IrishSunOnline interview! When Jedward Met @KenSweeney…
@TheSunNewspaper http:/…

10:54am May 28 2015 —

Why Have A Hug…
When You Can Have a JEDHUG?

10:29am May 28 2015 —

lets keep it on the down low and get ahead before other start going for it

8:56pm May 27 2015 —

make another account and spam the ham out of the hashtag with + Jedward

8:56pm May 27 2015 —

My #TeenChoice nominee for #ChoiceMusicNextBigThing is JEDWARD @PlanetJedward @teenchoicefox

8:55pm May 27 2015 —

everyone follow @ TeenChoiceFOX and tweet them with the #ChoiceMusicNextBigThing + Jedward and something Jepic like a video or fact

8:54pm May 27 2015 —

everyone they messaged us lets all tweet the hashtag + Jedward we got this forget polls and other stuff this is the thing

8:52pm May 27 2015 —

Teen choice messaged us make sure your fans nominate you! Just ask them to tweet #ChoiceMusicNextBigThing + Jedward!

8:52pm May 27 2015 —

How I feel right now

1:42pm May 27 2015 —

@WorldOfBlaze yes I know

in reply to WorldOfBlaze — 11:27am May 26 2015 —

@WorldOfBlaze hi u da best

11:26am May 26 2015 —

So what did we learn today! Make new Jedward Gifs from free Spirit! Make Your Own Luck! Ferocious! and Music videos!

4:26pm May 25 2015 —

Make sure to join in on the Reply session and Jepic times and RT AND FAV things you like and make you fangirl inside LOL! happy for others

10:19am May 25 2015 —

RT @planetjedward: So Much Fun Jedward 2015

10:17am May 25 2015 —

Beeping love these humans

10:17am May 25 2015 —

Twitter Reply session Party happening on @PlanetJedward at 2pm today! its gonna be Jepic!

9:34am May 25 2015 —


7:29am May 25 2015 —

Look out fashion week! Jedward hailed as ‘twin angels’ by top designer Jean Paul Gautier… via @EvokeToday

10:41pm May 24 2015 —

RT @SyfyUK: #AskJedward What do you get if you cross a shark with a tornado? @planetjedward

2:32pm May 24 2015 —

RT @tvspaulmalone: Big thanks @planetjedward really appreciate John & Edward presenting an award at #prideofirelandawards tonight. You guys…

10:33am May 20 2015 —

Which one people

2:09pm May 19 2015 —

Leo hair or flat hair?

2:07pm May 19 2015 —

The whole world is sleeping so gonna have to return in da morning now time to eat and take down that fridge

12:48am May 19 2015 —

Gwan an click and share this link with all those fashion people maybe I could be in the latest dog clothes…

12:41am May 19 2015 —