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RT @AntiBullyingPro: Looks who’s joined us on stage it’s only @planetjedward! #AntiBullyingPro

4:05pm Apr 28 2015 —

Everyone tweet @AntiBullyingPro about how we can all make a change! RT!

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RT @planetjedward: Its not about what others think of You that defines You! Its about by being Who You Are a Rockstar!…

7:02pm Apr 10 2015 —

RT @planetjedward: Chilling! We Love You All

7:02pm Apr 10 2015 —

RT @planetjedward: Pirates of the Caribbean John and Edward and together we are Jedward

7:02pm Apr 10 2015 —

RT @planetjedward: Let the Thunder and Echoes Come And Go Embark On A Journey Let The Magic Unfold – Jedward

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RT @planetjedward: Do The Right Thing Stand Tall And Proud – Jedward

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RT @planetjedward: Happy Easter everyone we hope you’re having an amazing day with your family and friends

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RT @planetjedward: What’s the Story? You Gooooood! All the best Jedward

7:02pm Apr 10 2015 —

everyone should be sleeping at the moment so sleep sleep! OK!

11:46pm Apr 7 2015 —

i forgot i am a girl

10:44pm Apr 7 2015 —

I stay out late! got noting in my brain! thats what people say! thats what people say ay ay but i keep moving cant stop wont stop tweeting

10:40pm Apr 7 2015 —

Ok no one gets it! haha

10:24pm Apr 7 2015 —

lets play swords hahah 2 year old blaze

10:22pm Apr 7 2015 —

Lets all stop talking about pee haha OMFP

10:19pm Apr 7 2015 —

oh wait i dont have pants i just go whenever wherever my pee will be together

10:13pm Apr 7 2015 —


10:10pm Apr 7 2015 —

This video is my life! haha… what do you think

10:08pm Apr 7 2015 —

@beckyjedwardHP I should dress up as a teacher

in reply to RebeccaBourke_x — 9:16pm Apr 7 2015 —

@RedJed7 I call it the booty shake shake shake shake pose pose picture picture that’s how I roll doggy o

in reply to RedJed7 — 9:16pm Apr 7 2015 —

@Sabi288 your outfit is super hello Kitty

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@ThereOnTheMoon your days for blaze have just begun

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@0mgtara I forgot forgot ur in college makes sure to say hi to all the trees

in reply to tararusselI — 9:14pm Apr 7 2015 —

@MichelleAnsah are you playing the one with all the houses or the electronic houses Love when you get the build hotels

in reply to MichelleAnsah — 9:14pm Apr 7 2015 —

@dzepik you should be president we would vote for you

in reply to staniagrzx — 9:13pm Apr 7 2015 —

@Bronanski route PhD can we be at the ceremony we are so proud of you we are going to cry I am going to cry I am a dog

in reply to Bronanski — 9:13pm Apr 7 2015 —

@Erin_Grimes two dogs two different worlds

in reply to Erin_Grimes — 9:12pm Apr 7 2015 —

@Kirrstyx3 you should drive me around a limo

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@toffeefountain you got this take em down

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