Tweet Archive for December 2014

cant just play one jedward song! THERE is 2 twins so play one for John and one for St. Edwardo

5:31pm Dec 31 2014 —

Make your own luck is my hey check me out i am sleek dancing and blasting this vibe into yo life!

5:28pm Dec 31 2014 —

Free Spirit is my life my landscape of destiny to be free and going to take on the world!

5:27pm Dec 31 2014 —

Jedward Ferocious is my Jam! Haters we gonna take em down i am a warrior!

5:26pm Dec 31 2014 —

yo @OceanFmIreland @shaneirishguy you should play Jedward Ferocious!!!

5:25pm Dec 31 2014 —

Let’s get real! The 411! Jedward fans are rocking Requesting songs! Radios be like Holy god we got a tweet today this is the most ever!

9:30pm Dec 30 2014 —

Everyone Request Make Your Own Luck! Ferocious! here’s da info!…

4:22pm Dec 30 2014 —

RT @Suzyb90: @WorldOfBlaze I’ve texted into a few radio stations here let’s hope they play Myol ?

2:31pm Dec 27 2014 —

We gooooood?! ???lets do this! ?

1:50pm Dec 27 2014 —

If you want to hear any Jepic songs you or your family can contact those radio stations make sure to save the list!

1:47pm Dec 27 2014 —

And we can’t stop and we won’t stop its our party we can do what we want to!

6:21pm Dec 20 2014 —

RT @TheBoxTV: Should we play the new Jedward video on @TheBoxTV #BoxRequests

RT = Yes


6:14pm Dec 20 2014 —

Ok so we all took down that stuff that’s what I call funny the whole world came to a stand still on bebo because of us

1:51am Dec 20 2014 —

Think the FBI found out about my BarackObama account for real!

1:39am Dec 20 2014 —

Where the Jedward fans go I go! When I leave from a place my Getto comes with me! That was fun but now it’s back to Twitter

1:36am Dec 20 2014 —

Add StPatrick

3:57pm Dec 19 2014 —

Add SantaClaus Add BritneySpears Add Bono Add PlanetJedward add Miley Add Jedward add hulk add SpiderMan

3:56pm Dec 19 2014 —

4:47am Dec 16 2014 —

RT @planetjedward: @DrBrianMay Brian we wish you and your family a great Christmas and positive energy. We are working towards our vision! …

4:47am Dec 16 2014 —

its so hard not to eat your lunch before lunch people who do that are heroes!

7:00am Dec 14 2014 —

love when you are the 1st person in a shop its like this is my getto!

7:00am Dec 14 2014 —

its freaking hot! microwaves are hot! like come on give me a break never thought the middle was going to be that hot! mince pie vs microwave

6:59am Dec 14 2014 —


6:55am Dec 14 2014 —

Everything is for fans to see 🙂

11:12am Dec 12 2014 —

its a big day tomorrow and everyday also! so what are we going to do? you know! i know! let them now because we are all Jepic! VICTORY!!

10:27pm Dec 11 2014 —

Take over Dublin! you can do this! request! Ferocious or Free Spirit or Make Your Own Luck lets get them on all the playlists!

9:30pm Dec 11 2014 —

RT @heatworld: Guys! @planetjedward want you to see their brilliant Ferocious music video featuring @TaraReid http:/…

6:02pm Dec 11 2014 —

RT @CBBC_Hacker: The first follow goes to… my good friends and all time inspirations… @planetjedward #dontmentionthehair

6:32pm Dec 10 2014 —

Agggggh rickygervais just retweeted Jedward tweet him! He rocks officially

2:10am Dec 10 2014 —

RT @planetjedward: @rickygervais Hello Ricky! It’s John and Edward! Happy Jedmas

2:08am Dec 10 2014 —