Tweet Archive for December 2014

cant just play one jedward song! THERE is 2 twins so play one for John and one for St. Edwardo

5:31pm Dec 31 2014 —

Make your own luck is my hey check me out i am sleek dancing and blasting this vibe into yo life!

5:28pm Dec 31 2014 —

Free Spirit is my life my landscape of destiny to be free and going to take on the world!

5:27pm Dec 31 2014 —

Jedward Ferocious is my Jam! Haters we gonna take em down i am a warrior!

5:26pm Dec 31 2014 —

yo @OceanFmIreland @shaneirishguy you should play Jedward Ferocious!!!

5:25pm Dec 31 2014 —

Let’s get real! The 411! Jedward fans are rocking Requesting songs! Radios be like Holy god we got a tweet today this is the most ever!

9:30pm Dec 30 2014 —

Everyone Request Make Your Own Luck! Ferocious! here’s da info!…

4:22pm Dec 30 2014 —

RT @Suzyb90: @WorldOfBlaze I’ve texted into a few radio stations here let’s hope they play Myol 🎡

2:31pm Dec 27 2014 —

We gooooood?! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘lets do this! 😜

1:50pm Dec 27 2014 —

If you want to hear any Jepic songs you or your family can contact those radio stations make sure to save the list!

1:47pm Dec 27 2014 —