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8:54pm Oct 31 2014 —

RT @planetjedward: @jpizzle213 Here is Ferocious! Team Vevo get the Party Started Happy Halloween

5:15pm Oct 31 2014 —

Hope they see the reaction from all you legends and play it more and more!

4:41pm Oct 30 2014 —

RT @MandinaM: @WorldOfBlaze 😊😎🐯 you are so FEROCIOUS. It’s amazing #JedwardFerciousVideo

10:18pm Oct 29 2014 —

RT @Bronanski: @WorldOfBlaze I love it!!! I also love that it’s beside @taylorswift13 in my music videos 😋 #JedwardFerociousVideo http://t.…

10:18pm Oct 29 2014 —

10:17pm Oct 29 2014 —

RT @siobhan_jedhead: @WorldOfBlaze i got it as a bday present to myself🙊its amazzing✌️wanna Tell ur humans DM me a happy bday? 🎉😍🎃🎁😄😍 http:…

10:16pm Oct 29 2014 —

RT @EdwardsSexyHips: @WorldOfBlaze #JedwardFerociousVideo Actually love this!! Get downloading now peeps… 😍🎵🙌 http…

10:15pm Oct 29 2014 —

RT @heyitsorlagh: the only music videos I ever buy are yours @planetjedward @WorldOfBlaze #JedwardFerociousVideo

10:14pm Oct 29 2014 —

RT @Xamyjedward26XX: #JedwardFerociousVideo @WorldOfBlaze aren’t your humans clever talented people love it love them

10:13pm Oct 29 2014 —